The Search

Back in 2012, I was searching for a program that would be thorough enough to deepen and enrich my Chinese Medicine practice, and specifically focus on the use of herbs. I found Sharon Weizenbaum’s Graduate Mentorship Program online and it opened up a whole new perspective for me.

Something was Missing

The schooling I’d already received felt formulaic, glossing over and simplifying the complexity involved in every individual. We were taught about patterns, but a real patient will often fit into 5 patterns at once, some of which seem to conflict with each other. I needed a way to modify formulas to address the needs of my patients and to never ignore symptoms, just because they don’t fit into a narrow perspective.

The Study

I started this 2 yr program in 2012 that demystifies diagnosing a complex patient. At our long weekend events, Sharon would present topics, showing case studies, providing study aids, and then there would be an exam on all the content. Sharon is a top notch gynecology expert, offering not only her own knowledge and wisdom, but also translating her mentors works. She opens up the master’s world of herbology to her students. The program also gave me access to Sharon’s extensive library of resources, including articles and journals that allowed me to follow an idea and to be inspired by many people’s experiences.

Huang-Qi_Organic-Chinese-HerbsNew Point of View

From this vastly wider point of view, it felt like the rules I had been taught were actually simplified guidelines, that didn’t explain or uncover the roots of the issues involved, and how these roots overlap and combine in infinite ways. Now, I definitely have far more ability to diagnose and treat my patients, and to see that there are no random factors that can be disregarded. The body is always speaking clearly to us, if we take the time to listen closely.

I would highly recommend this program to Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Herbalists.

Sincerely Yours,
Kim Cooper