The Value for Practitioners

Having raw organic herbs on hand changes everything.

There’s a new freedom when you can adjust a formula again and again to meet a patient’s needs, and the patient can immediate feel the effects of premium quality herbs as their symptoms change dramatically. When you harness the power that each species and mineral has to offer, it’s rewarding to watch the healing process speed up.

Patient’s Experience

Patients feel the difference. When they cook up herbs with vivid colours and fragrant aromas, they can feel the quality before they even taste the tonic. My patients have talked about the difference in this experience, especially compared to just taking pills. They feel connected to the medicinal quality of the decoctions they prepare, and often become more engaged in their own healing.

Patients with chronic issues have often gotten discouraged and depressed about their health by the time they arrive at my practice. It’s exciting to witness the efficiency of these herbs, the quick results, and the renewed sense of inspiration and hope in my patients.

Ways to Get Started

We wanted to simplify Pharmacy Start-Up for practitioners.

We have highlighted the most used herbs in one bundle, the basics that will give a practitioner the widest range of potential treatments.

Our Kits

Complete Kit

Our Complete Pharmacy Start-Up Kit contains 1 lb of all 30 of the most commonly used herbs.

Component Kits

Our Pharmacy Start-Up Component Kits break up the 30 most basic herbs into categories so you can expand your new pharmacy one step at a time. We’ve broken it down into sections for affordability and convenience, offering 1 lb of each herb listed.

Immunity Kit

This bundle of herbs helps to address a wide range of immunity problems.

Immunity Kit Includes 1 lb of:

  • Huang Qi
  • Dang Shen
  • Bai Zhu
  • Shu Di Huang
  • Bai Shao
  • Ren Shen
  • Gan Cao
  • Chen Pi
  • Fang Feng
  • Ling Zhi

Digestion Kit

The most commonly used herbs for digestive issues are all here in this one bundle.

Digestive Kit Includes 1 lb of:

  • Ban Xia
  • Huang Lian
  • Huang Qin
  • Shan Yao
  • Gan Jiang
  • Sha Ren
  • Zhi Ke
  • Chai Hu
  • Mai Ya
  • Shen Qu

Seasonal Kit

Common colds, flues and allergies have a seasonal cycle that is addressed in this list of herbs.

Seasonal Kit Includes 1 lb of:

  • Xing Ren
  • Sang Bai Pi
  • Bo He
  • Nui Bang Zi
  • Sang Ye
  • Jie Geng
  • Lian Qiao
  • Jin Yin Hua
  • Jing Jie
  • Ju Hua