We’ve divided our herbs up into various categories and bundles.

  • Wholesale Herbs
  • Dispensary
  • Pharmacy Start-Up
  • Food Grade Herbs

Wholesale Herbs

If you are running a Chinese Medicine Clinic, a Herbal Dispensary, a health store or herb related business, we can help you stock or maintain your pharmacy.

Whether you are ordering by the gram, kg, lb or hundreds of pounds, we are able to fill orders quickly and ship straight to your door. Various shipping options are available, including international.


The Dispensary Service provides a convenient and cost-effective way for practitioners to provide their clients with the potency and potential of raw herbal formulas. Completely customized orders are filled entirely to practitioners’ specifications.

Orders are completed the same business day, and shipped either to the practitioner or directly to the client.

Start Your Own Pharmacy

We’ve bundled up the most commonly used herbs into an easy package for you, so starting your own pharmacy has never been easier. Find out more.

Food Grade Herbs

Chinese herbs have been used by ordinary people for centuries. You can improve and balance your health by incorporating this wisdom into your own kitchen, using these products as you would spices and teas.