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One of our values as a small business and member of the therapeutic community is to provide medicine and healing practices that protect and sustain our natural environment. We are therefore, very proud and happy to announce that we are starting up a Facebook Group called “Green Medicine” that is dedicated to supporting the Green movement, as it relates to medicine and living well. We are inviting our allies and customers to join us in discussing health, wellness, green living, alternative medicine and holistic healing. We want to share ideas and resources, events and recipes, news and inspiration.

If you have a green product or service that you feel would benefit the community, you’re welcome to share it, too – it’s all about helping each other grow, heal and practice medicine, all in an eco-conscious, healthy way.

This is group is bigger than us – it’s about exploring where the Green movement and medicine merge.

Learn more about the Green Medicine Facebook or Join Up now!

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With warm wishes,

Kim & Maria