Bad News / Good News

Unfortunately, we’ve had some terrible news in our family and this week my sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer that has metastasized into her lungs.

The good news is that yet again, I feel very blessed to have taken on Organic Chinese Herbs and to have these amazing tools ready to hand. I have starting treating my sister with good results. The cancer has affected the pleura of her lungs, making it difficult for her to breathe. She was coughing and wheezing and after 7 days of herbs, she noticed that the cough stopped, the wheezing eased and the pain in chest was gone.

I wanted to share the food grade recipe for the decoction that we are using as part of my sister’s treatment program in case it’s of use to others.


Laiz Zi – A Food Grade Chinese Herb

Tea Recipe – Lian Cao Cha

This tea is used for lung cancer cough, wheezing or TB.


  • Lian Zi – 1-2 g
  • Gan Cao – 1-2 g
  • Green Tea – 10 g

Gan Cao – A Food Grade Chinese Herb


  • Bring 1 cup of water to a boil with Lian Zi and Gan Cao.
  • Turn heat down as soon as it reaches a boil, then infuse green tea into the liquid


It can be used once a day, long term, and it will diffuse the lungs, fortify the stomach, promote digestion and inhibit cancer.
In Chinese Medicine terms “this will calm the spirit by clearing the heat from the heart.”

It’s interesting to see that my sister does talk about feeling more calm and sleeping better after this treatment.

Note on Food Grade

This recipe is made with Food Grade Herbs only. Many decoctions are made using Medical Grade Chinese Herbs and should only be taken with the support of a trained practitioner. Food Grade Herbs are available to everyone.


I will be sharing more about the other aspects of my sister’s Chinese herbal treatment. I’d love to hear from other practitioners supporting cancer patients with Chinese Herbal Medicine and am happy to hear from people with questions as well.