We Start Raw

Herbalists are traditionally trained using raw herbs to create custom decoctions, or teas for our patients. In school, everyone is measuring out loose herbs from those lovely large glass jars, and cooking up the formulas that they’re studying. The ancient knowledge is rooted in this basic practice. We find the best herbs, we preserve them properly, and we cook them right before we drink the essence created. These parameters mean that the body has the best chance to gain what it’s missing and heal itself.

Raw Gets Lost

Things change when we graduate however, for several reasons. New practitioners, just starting their practice often can’t afford to start their own pharmacy, and so begin using powders and granules to treat their patients. The second issue is that most of us also have no hands-on experience of gauging the quality of each herb. Most schools provided samples for us to work with that weren’t premium quality or organic, and this leaves us feeling uncertain about the colours, textures, and smells we should be looking for in high quality raw herbs. How can we run our busy practices and also source out all the best products?


Here at Organic Chinese Herbs, we are bringing established high quality standards to Canada with our exclusive, Canada-wide distributorship from Spring Wind Herbs in the USA. They provide the largest selection of organic Chinese herbs in North America, and hand pick their organic farmers, lab test each product they receive in the USA, and grade each product for quality, all before selling a single leaf.

With their raw herbs, you have the power of a structured system of quality assurance behind the medicine you create. When your package arrives, we think you’ll be surprised by the vibrant colours, aromatic scents and fresher flavour than you’re used to. All of these aspects contribute to the amount of nutrients and minerals that the tea contains, and of course eliminates the potential side-effects of pesticide and herbicide residues.

Your Own Pharmacy

Our dream is to make it possible for Canadian practitioners to start their very own pharmacies. This has been out of reach for too long and has impacted our ability to properly care for our patients. We hope to make it easy, affordable and a reliable way to significantly improve the health and wellness of the patients in your care. If your practice is a living growing thing, adding the best of the best ingredients can bring wellness to your work as a whole.

Getting Started

Sign up and give us a try! If you’re a practitioner, you’ll have access to all of our herbs. If you are a Chinese Medicine enthusiast, there is a selection of “Food Grade” herbs that you can purchase, that you can safely use to improve and maintain your wellness.

Our Green Earth

Most of us have come to Chinese Medicine with the belief that the earth has a bounty for us to harvest and benefit from. We have a strong connection to what the land produces, and therefore to the land itself. By purchasing organic products, you put this belief into practice. Organic farms become viable businesses for farmers, and slowly, we change how we interact with the earth we depend on.